In 1989, we started out as a manufacturing factory. Then, we manufactured exclusively for the Japanese market. In 2000, Full Sail Co. was born from a joint venture between us and a Japanese firm.

After decades of doing manufacturing for many Japanese, Canadian, German, French brands, we decided to create our own brand of shoes, made in Vietnam, in 2014. That is Fugashin.

We apply many techniques and knowledge accumulated from being a manufacturer to our Fugashin shoes and follow a strict standard of quality control. From that, we wish to put Vietnam on the map as a serious contributor of quality welted footwear



     Fugashin workers are all well trained with many years of experience. We are capable of producing most types of shoes construction; from Blake to Goodyear to Handwelt, Norvegese, Stitchdown, etc. Each pair of shoes undergone no less than 180 steps of production.

We are committed to a stringent quality standard. The materials we use are all premium and high quality imported leather. We use the best box calf, suede, veg-tan, crust calf, grain calf from countries like France, German, Italy, England for upper. The insole and outsole we use are quality veg-tan from the region of Toscana, Italy.

The lasts Fugashin uses are the products of our long and meticulous R&D process to deliver the nicest shape yet still comfortable shoes.